Forum / Seminar

Maritime Nation Forum

The Maritime Forum is held once or twice a year to attract public interest and gain wider understanding on the activities of the maritime community by inviting speakers and panelists to discuss outstanding issues.

  • Recently Held Forums

The 29th Maritime Nation Forum in Tokyo 2021
~Future Prospects for Oceangoing Shipping Industry in a Fluidized International Situation, etc.~
(October 2021 * The event was held at the venue and streamed online)

The 30th Maritime Nation Forum in Kobe 2022
~Fostering Maritime Human Resources and Future Prospects for the Maritime Society~
(August 2022 *The event was held at the venue and streamed online)

The 31st Maritime and Tourism Forum in Okinawa 2023
~The History and Unlimited Potential of Okinawa's Churaumi Sea - Toward the Future of Maritime Affairs and Tourism~
(February 2023 * This event was held at the venue and streamed online)

The 32nd Maritime and Tourism Forum in Mie 2023
~Maritime promotion integrated with tourism and safety and security of the sea~
(October 2023 * This event was held at the venue and streamed online)

JMC Maritime Seminar

In March 2022, the JMC started to hold a series of JMC Maritime Promotion Seminars on various issues, including research topics covered by the JMC, to share the status quo and explore ideas to address challenges faced by the maritime community.

  • Seminars held in the past

The 1st JMC Seminar
The container-shipping industry undergoing major changes due to the spread of COVID-19 etc. (March 2022 *Online (Zoom webinar))

The 2nd JMC Seminar
Prospects for East Asian Logistics under RCEP and Post-COVID 19 (June 2022 *Online (Zoom webinar))

The 3rd JMC Seminar
Current Status and Prospects of Japan's Trade Digitalization in International Logistics (July 2022 *Online (Zoom webinar))

The 4th JMC Seminar
The Shipping Industry's Role in Offshore Wind Power and Future Prospects (October 2022 *Online (Zoom webinar))

The 5th JMC Seminar
Current Situation of Consideration of Legislation relating to the Electronic B/L (December 2022 *Online (Zoom webinar))

The 6th JMC Seminar
Challenges and Future Prospects of International Shipping and Logistics for Resilient Global Supply Chains (May 2023 *Online (Zoom webinar))

The 7th JMC Seminar
Container Shipping Industry Overview and Outlook(Jul 2023 *Online (Zoom webinar))

The 8th JMC Seminar
Advancing cooperative relationships between shippers and shipping companies for Supply Chain optimization (Dec 2023 *Online (Zoom webinar))

International Maritime Seminar

Joint Seminar by Japan Maritime Center and the IOPC Funds
“The role of the IOPC Funds in the protection of the marine environment ―Now and in the future―”
(October 2023* This event was held at the venue and streamed online(Zoom webinar))